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Bestselling Sherlock Holmes Books – November So Far – Sherlock Holmes Books by MX Publishing

As we head towards the holidays, November is the biggest month for books in the year. It’s always interesting to see which are the bestselling books in print in the first ten days of the month.

1-3. Not a surprise, the latest volumes of the MX Book of New Sherlock Holme Stories officially out on the 28th November (XXVIII, XXIX and XXX) are already topping the charts. As they are Christmas adventures too (the last volume to cover that was Volume V which has been a long standing bestseller).

4. Close behind is the new novel from Orlando Pearson (Redacted Sherlock Holmes series) called Dark Arts, Dark Acts.

5. Also starting strong is the new book from Steven Philip Jones – Sherlock Holmes and The Coal Tar Derivative which covers tales during the Great Hiatus.

6. Off to a great start is the hardcover trilogy special edition containing David MacGregor three Holmes and Adler novels – Sherlock in Love: The Holmes-Adler Mysteries. They’ve sold well individually and now starting nicely with the special edition. 

7. Next up is modern tale Sherlock’s Secretary from Chris Chan following a stunning review from IHOSE we suspect this will be climbing the chart this month.

8. Last years #1 bestseller ‘Jeremy Brett Playing a Part’ looks like it is going to be a strong contender again this year – available in B&W paperback and glorious hardcover colour editions.

9. David Marcum’s new novel ‘Eye of Heka’ was the bestseller in October with most fans picking it up straight away but those that missed it will grab it for sure – especially after the stunning Publishers Weekly review.

10. Jay Ganguly (Sherlock Holmes Society of India) excellent collection of stories A Continuum Of Sherlock Holmes Stories comes in at number 10 in print, but is topping the charts at the moment in audio so shows how the formats vary.

There are quite a few earlier in the year releases and several from many years ago that are already starting to sell as gifts – A Few Lessons from Sherlock Holmes from Peter Bevelin does well every year and this year we have the two editions of B is for Baker Street – storybook and colouring book.

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