On This Day 5th February

OTD 1892 The 1st publication of The Speckled Band in Strand Mag – Feb 1892.

The Adventure of the Speckled Band (SPEC) is a short story written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in The Strand Magazine in february 1892. This is the 10th Sherlock Holmes story. Collected in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.




Plot summary (spoiler)

Helen Stoner, a terrified young lady, comes and asks Holmes for help. A short time before the planned marriage of her sister Julia, the latter died without identifiable cause after uttering these mysterious last words: “The Speckled Band.” Some days before her demise, she had complained about being disturbed, during the nights, by a strange hissing. Now, it is Helen’s turn to get married and her step-father Doctor Roylott, an unsociable and violent man, has forced her to move into Julia’s bedroom under false pretences. Holmes, worried, decides to go with Watson to Stock Moran the very same day. During the travel, he explains to his friend that, in accordance to his wife’s will, Roylott can dispose of his stepdaughters’ income, until they get married. While looking over Julia’s bedroom, Holmes notices that its ventilator opens onto Roylott’s bedroom and that the bell rope is a dummy. So, he lies in ambush with Watson in the garden pavilion. When Roylott has retired to his room, Helen warns our heroes by means of a light signal and leaves Julia’s bedroom, where they take up position. After a long and agonizing wait, they hear something hissing: a snake. Holmes strikes it with a rod and the angry reptile returns to his owner and bites him. Roylott, who refused to lose his stepdaughters’ income because of their marriage, had trained the snake to slip, through the ventilator and along the bell rope, to the bed of its victims and to come back when he whistled for it. But Roylott’s living weapon turned against the villain and killed him!

OTD 2015 Elementary  : Hemlock season 3 episodes 13 first aired

Holmes and Watson are faced with a very large suspect pool when a debt collector is murdered; Andrew wants Watson to meet his father.

The wife of missing lawyer Steven Horowitz hires Sherlock to find him. Sherlock and Joan discover that he did not tell his wife he had been fired by his firm. They find out that he went to work for a debt collection agency and was given a debt package worth millions. Sherlock and Joan try to narrow down the pool of suspects from the thousands of debtors. It turns out that Horowitz had a change of heart after seeing the hardships suffered by the debtors and forgave what he had not yet collected. One of those released from their financial burden is a man named Downey. A company wants to create a ski resort; Downey is the sole holdout, refusing to sell his house, which happens to be at the center of the resort. Horowitz’s former boss killed him because he stood in the way of the law firm collecting millions in fees from the developer.Meanwhile, Andrew asks Joan to dinner to meet his father for the first time. Sherlock warns her that this is a significant step in their romantic relationship, but she dismisses the idea, until she discovers she is wrong.

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