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Romance, death, a bit politics, a bit of social commentary. There is a story for everyone. You will be entertained from beginning to end.

The Uncollected Cases of Sherlock Holmes will keep you engaged and entertained from beginning to end. There is romance, death, a bit politics, a bit of social commentary. There is a story for everyone.

We follow Watson and Holmes – through Watson POV – in various mysteries, from normal murder mysteries to creepy seances, the stories are atmospheric and full of peculiar and interesting characters.

The mysteries are well constructed, some are shorter than others and are actually too fast to form an opinion or to guess who did it. Some are quite ingenious. The stories are impossible to guess since it’s almost always Sherlock who figures what’s happening and then his deductions are revealed. I guess this is the point.

You can’t help but like the originality of the stories, some stick out more than others as this is always the case. I must say that some choices were questionable, I didn’t like a particular plot point in the first story and that took out my enjoyment a bit, but overall it was still fun to read.

Since these are short stories, they don’t require much commitment. You can read them all of together or savour them and read a few at a time or sporadically. You will definitely enjoy this format if you’re a fan of short stories. There is still a common thread among them and that helps have a sense of continuation. It feels like it’s one book instead of several separate stories thrown together just for the sake of it.

I’m a fan of Sherlock Holmes, however I can’t say I have read the original stories, so I can’t judge whether or not the characters the author recreated are accurate. For what I know, I think the original style and characters are so unique that is impossible to imitate accurately. The characters still feel somewhat close to their inspiration.

Overall, I would recommend this collection to fans but also to the occasional Sherlock admirers.


The Uncollected Cases of Sherlock Holmes is available from this site with a share going to our good causes and also available from:

Amazon USA       Barnes and Noble

The Uncollected Cases of Sherlock Holmes presents eight new stories about Holmes which set the great detective against the background of Victorian England, an era of enormous progress, in science, transport, and medicine but which also witnessed a surge in urban poverty, prostitution and imperial adventurism. Each of the stories in this collection engages with an aspect of this background. In ‘The Sicilian Defence’, Holmes comes to the aid of a disgraced army veteran who has fallen in love with a Sudanese woman and incurred the wrath of her father, whilst in ‘The Archaeopterx’ Holmes has to recover an important fossil which has been stolen from the Natural History Museum. In ‘The Missing Heir’ Holmes is asked to find the heir to a great fortune, considered by his family to be mentally unstable, and in ‘The Dunwich Ghost’ he investigates the plight of an old army colleague of Watson’s who is haunted by the ghost of his dead wife.

The Holmes who emerges from these stories justifies the description of him by Watson as the ‘best and wisest of men.’ Whether investigating a gang of forgers, securing justice for a murdered prostitute or facing a Russian spy we see his ferocious intelligence alongside a strong humanitarian bias. Despite his idiosyncracies, his solitary temperament, his melancholia and addiction to cocaine, he is both a man of his time and a man for our time.

The author of this volume is Geoffrey Finch, an Associate Lecturer in English Language at the Open University. Geoffrey has taught at Universities in Africa, New Zealand and the UK. He lives in Greater London with his wife and their cat, Humphrey, who makes a guest appearance in the fifth story, ‘The Cathedral Cat’.

ISBN   9781787059498

Format   Paperback

Pages    344

Also available in Hardcover

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